Build Your Skills

Learn How to Find Potential Funders for Your Organization

This course is designed to build your skills in key areas, including how to: find information about funders and grant opportunities, evaluate funding opportunities, track your research results, and make your organization more attractive to potential funders.
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Course Overview

Main Topics

  • 1
    Course Introduction
    • Course Overview
    • How to Get the Most from the Course
    • About Peak Proposals
  • 2
    Getting into the Grant Mindset
    • What You Need to Know about Grants
    • Key Points: Getting into the Grant Mindset
  • 3
    Generating Search Terms
    • Identifying Keywords
    • Resource: Keyword Tracker Template
    • Review of Keyword Tracker Template
    • Key Points: Generating Search Terms
  • 4
    Where to Look to Find Funding Opportunities
    • Identifying Tools for Prospect Research
    • Tools to Search for Foundation Grants
    • Tour of GrantStation
    • Tools to Search for US Government Grants
    • Introduction to the USAID Business Forecast
    • Resources to Find Opportunities Sponsored by Bi- and Multilateral Organizations
    • Review of
    • Free Resources for Finding Grant Opportunities
    • Review of Philanthropy News Digest
    • Summary of Steps: Using Free Resources
    • Key Points: Researching Potential Funders
  • 5
    Leveraging Partnerships
    • The Role of Partnerships
    • Key Points: Leveraging Partnerships
  • 6
    Following Funding Trends
    • Resources for Philanthropy News
    • Key Points: Following Funding Trends
  • 7
    Tools & Templates to Track Research Results
    • Free Tools for Tracking the Results of Funder Research
    • Overview of a Basic Funder Research Tracker
    • Overview of a Trello Board for Funder Research
    • How to Use Trello for Grant Research & Writing
    • Subscription-Based Tools for Prospect Research & Proposal Management
    • Key Points: Tracking Research Results
  • 8
    Evaluating Opportunities
    • Determining Whether an Opportunity is Worth Pursuing
    • Overview of the Go/No-Go Meeting Process
    • Key Points: Evaluating Opportunities
  • 9
    Bonus Material
    • Building an Online Presence & Effective Management Systems
    • Key Points: Building an Online Presence
    • Key Points: Organizational Effectiveness
  • 10
    • Key Steps for Finding Funding & Tips for Success
    • Next Steps
  • 11
    • Course Resource List

Course Features

  • Downloadable Resource Materials

    Download templates for later reference and customization

  • Take at Your Own Pace

    Purchase once, get lifetime access to all content (including future updates)

  • Affordable

    Priced for the nonprofit budget

  • Active Discussion

    Engage with course instructors and other students

  • Video Instruction

    Watch short screencasts on how to use templates and donor research tools

  • Audio Option

    Listen to chapter summaries