The Basics of Seeking Grant Money

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To give the readers of the Peak Proposals blog a new way to interact with our content, we've created a course that provides an overview of how to seek funding, write proposals, and handle the proposal submission process. If reading in-depth blog posts is not your thing, try our course! You'll get the same high-quality content in a more interactive, concise format.
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Course curriculum

  • 1
    Welcome to the course!
    • Course Welcome
    • Before we begin...a quick survey
  • 2
    Chapter 1: Finding Potential Funders
    • Welcome to Part 1
    • 1.1 Evaluate Your Organization
    • 1.2. Evaluate Your Funding
    • 1.3. Assess Other Organizations
    • 1.4. Research Funders
    • Resources for Finding Funding Opportunities
    • 1.5. Create a Tracking System
    • Getting Started with Prospect Research
    • Evaluate Opportunities
    • 1.6. Plan Your Grant Strategy
    • Part 1 - Summary
  • 3
    Additional Reading
    • Preparing to Search for Funding Opportunities
    • Researching Potential Funders: Tools for Prospect Research
    • Identifying the Right Grant Opportunities
    • Focus on Partnerships to Increase Funding Options
    • 8 Things to Consider When Evaluating Grant Opportunities from Foundations
    • Overview of the Go/No-Go Meeting Process
  • 4
    Chapter 2: Writing Your Grant Proposal
    • Welcome to Part 2
    • 2.1. Review the Solicitation
    • 2.2. Assemble Your Team
    • 2.3. Draft an Outline
    • 2.4. Create a Proposal Schedule
    • 2.5. Write, Review, and Repeat!
    • 2.6. Arrange for Editing
    • Part 2 - Summary
  • 5
    Additional Reading
    • The 6-Week Proposal Process
    • Writing a Strong Proposal Takes How Many Drafts?
    • How to Write a Grant Proposal
    • How to Write a Grant Proposal Part II: What Will You Need to Prepare?
    • Make Grant Writing Easier by Using Boilerplate Text
    • Best Practices for Writing an Executive Summary
    • How to Create & Use a Style Sheet for Grant Writing
    • Three Faulty Assumptions about Grant Writers
  • 6
    Chapter 3: Submitting Your Proposal
    • Welcome to Part 3
    • 3.1. Create a Submission Checklist
    • 3.2. Prepare Email Templates
    • 3.3. Final Proposal Review
    • 3.4. Submit the Proposal
    • 3.5. Archive the Proposal
    • Part 3 - Summary
    • Congratulations!
  • 7
    Additional Reading
    • How to Increase the Odds that Your Grant Application Will Be Funded
    • 6 Strategies to Make the Grant Proposal Submission Process Less Stressful
  • 8
    • Resources on Peak
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